Classroom Supplies

School Supplies
  • Dear Incoming and Previous Parents,

    We are excited to have your children come to our exciting class this fall. In order to be ready for the first day of school, it would be helpful to have

    some of the following items:  Please remember that these items are going to be shared.


    24 count twistable crayons.   No wax please

    Black dry erase markers (thin for student use)

    All dry erase markers any color (thick, for teacher use)

    Ticonderoga sharpened no#2. Pencils (Thin)

    Hi-polymer eraser (white).                                

    Highlighters (any color, thick or thin)

    1 pair of child-sized scissors

    Glue sticks (Elmer’s)

    Blank 3 X 5 Index cards


    ***Their own set of headphones (these will be their own personal headphones to be used all year) The plug must fit into a headphone jack. ****


    Your child will also need the following supplies:


    1 inch view finder binders three rings  (the one with the sleeve on the front) (dollar tree sells them at back to school time)  I need two per student.


    These are donation items please:

    Clorox/ Lysol wipes, hand wipes, hand sanitizer, Kleenex


    Thank you for your support, have a relaxing end of summer and be ready for a busy year of learning! 


    Thank you so much and I look forward to a great year,

    Mrs. Edwards