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    • Students will need to log in to SORA in collection.order to access our district's e-book

      Elementary Student Log On Information:

      Username: 9-digit student ID number

      Password: MvusdMMDD! (Capital M lowercase v u s d and the month and day of their birthday, including zeroes exclamtion point)  For example, if your student’s birthday is August 25, 2013 their password would be Mvusd0825!)

      Borrowing Guidelines:

      • Students and staff may borrow up to three books at a time.
      • Checkouts are for two weeks. Students may return books earlier through the app so they can check out more books.
      • Books may be renewed as long as another patron has not placed a hold on the book.
      • E-books through SORA are available to read on any device. You may download the SORA App through Apple or Google Play.  You may also access our collection through the Internet browser on a computer, laptop, or Kindle by going to . Pick your school by searching either by name or zipcode. 

      More information can be found at MVUSD Libraries


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Last Modified on March 25, 2020