• It's so exciting to start third grade! Here is a list of suggested items to kick off your school year:

    *headphones or earbuds for a class laptop (place in a case or ziploc bag with child's name on it, please)

    *Number 2 pencils (about three to five of them)

    *a pair of scissors

    *a pencil box big enough to fit your supplies

    *one elmers glue

    *one heavy duty pencil eraser

    *a box of crayons 24 or more pack or more

    *one composition notebook (Black & White WIDE Ruled) The one that looks like black/white spots but you can choose any color & white.


    Donations for our class if you are able:

    Xerox paper

    Clorox Wipes

    Box of Tissues


Last Modified on August 6, 2022