•      My kids and I

        Hello, My name is Jeanine Harris.  I have been teaching for 23 years.  I love teaching second grade, especially at Antelope Hills.  I have two adorable kids that I adopted who this year will be in Kindergarten and Second Grade.  It will be an adventure for me this year having my son in our grade level.
         For fun I love to spend time with my kids in the yard, walks with our Labrodoodle or where ever else they lead me.  I  love to play guitar, and the ukulele with my nieces and Mrs. Vaughn.  I also enjoy working out and have some goal to work towards.
       A few of my favorite things are: Dark Chocolate, protein bars (gluten free), gluten free brownies, shopping on Amazon, Coffee, the color orange, Del Taco, In and Out, and gluten free goodies. 
        This is going to be a different year but I have been working hard to try to make this year as normal as it can be but still feel like school.  This will be an adventure for sure so hold on tight!
Last Modified on August 10, 2020