Mrs. Vaughn's Supply List


    Pencil Box, no zipper pouches please. (Approx. 8” x 5” x 2”)

    Black dry erase markers (Thick and fine point)

    Ticonderoga pencils (we love the pre-sharpened ones)

    1 pink pencil eraser

    2 highlighters

    1 pair of child sized scissors

    glue sticks (we go through about 1 a week)

    2 boxes of washable markers (One fine tip and one regular)

    24 count crayons or Twistable

    1 box of Twistable colored pencils (regular ones do not sharpen well)

    1 composition books (Wide Ruled / 80 or 100 Sheets) Please no glitter covers. The name labels don’t stick to them.

    Greatly appreciated donations to share with class:

    Clorox Wipes, Baby wipes unscented, tissue boxes, glue sticks (We cannot have too many), pencils (sharpened is very helpful), erasers, packs of dry erase markers, packs of highlighters, colored card stock paper, colored copy paper, gift cards to purchase items for art and science (Target, Home Depot, Joanne’s, Michaels, Teachers Pay Teachers (on line store), Amazon, Walmart and Dollar Tree.)


Last Modified on August 7, 2023