(the one where we attended virtually) 
    *we will all be here for one another and this will be the best year ever. 

    Hello Parents and Students,

    Welcome to Mrs. Hillenbrand’s Language Arts and Social Studies class! I hope you all enjoyed your summer! This is my 27th year teaching in the district and I am beyond excited to teach children of this age!

    In Language Arts this year, using our adopted Pearson Realize curriculum, we will continue to develop writing, spelling and grammar skills.  We will aim to strengthen students’ reading abilities by reading and responding to district curriculum, as well as other literary genres. Our Social Studies textbook is, World History: Ancient Civilizations by McDougal Littell. In Social Studies this year, we will learn about archaeology and the ancient civilizations of Mesopotamia, Israel, Egypt, China, India, and Greece.

    I look forward to getting to know you and working with you to provide your child with the best education possible in 6th grade this year. When parents and teachers work together, they can encourage a child’s positive attitude towards school and lifelong learning.



    I strongly believe that it is important to develop a safe and nurturing classroom environment where each student has the right to learn, and all students can and must behave appropriately. In order to succeed in my class, please:

       Show respect to yourself, your teachers and your peers. 

       Be on time.

       Come prepared with the proper materials and supplies.



          1. Sharpened pencils (at least 5)

          2. 2 spiral notebooks: 1 LA & 1 SS (70 pages)

          3. Highlighters

          4. Required textbooks

          5. Thompson agenda

          6.  Twistable crayons OR colored pencils

         7. multi-colored pens for note taking



    During our distance learning I encourage students to have a designated place to attend classes/zoom meetings during the week. I suggest you have a place to house all of your supplies/materials, either on your work space, in a tub/basket or what ever is going to work best for you. I would make sure that you can easily access these items as well. You will need them daily.








Last Modified on August 12, 2020