• Mrs. Bosna's Classroom Supply List

    Do Bring:

    ·   A Pee Chee type folder to keep their work in their desks organized

    ·    A 1 Inch Binder (NO BIGGER THAN THAT!  I will send it back home) 

                pack of 5 pocket dividers 

    ·    A small pencil box that will fit in your desk.  Not the HUGE, GIANT kind.  We're not hunting Giants this year....

    ·    1 Composition Book

    ·    1 70 page spiral notebook

    ·     Black Expo markers (No Cleaning spray please) 

    ·     Plenty of Ticonderoga Pencils to share.  (They work the best in the sharpener)

    ·     Mechanical Pencils are ok too....until you play with them.  Then they go home

    ·     A pencil sharpener that will not spill out is ok too...to share....until you play with it or spill it...then it goes home too!

    ·     A Pink Pearl Eraser or two!

    ·     ONE box of 24 crayons.  Not 68 or 1,086!

    ·     One box of markers to share

    ·      One box of colored pencils to share

    ·      Glue Sticks to share

    ·      Elmers glue bottles to share

    ·      A plastic ruler...this is a new item.  Too many of mine have disappeared or are in ruler heaven. :( 

    ·      AND.... a pair of kid scissors (everyone must have a pair of scissors ASAP!)

    And anytime during the year...

    ·       Tissue

    ·       Paper Towels

    ·       Baby Wipes

    ·       Santizing Wipes

    ·       Extra Black Expos

    ·       Wide Rule Lined paper

    ·       Graphing paper

    ·       Printer Paper

    ·       Colored Printer Paper

                   Sandwich ziplocks/1 Gallon Ziplocks 


    Please Do NOT Bring

    ·         A binder larger than 1 1/2 inches.... Takes up too much space in desk. :)  1 inch is preferred. 

    ·        Toys, gadgets, more than ONE pencil box,  or anything else that will distract you and others.

    ·         Your pets, because that would just be weird....