• Each child should have a 1 inch binder, no larger than 1 1/2.  A very small pencil pouch is fine, but do not overfill it. (They will not be allowed to use supplies from their binders during the day anyway.  That is what the pencil box is for.  A small amount of wide-ruled paper is fine too, but also, do not overfill with paper either!  All of these instructions are for your own benefit!  Too much "stuff" breaks-down the binder and makes it impossible to fit in your desk! :)


    If all students can have 5- pocket dividers for the binder by Monday the 12th, that would be great! You can help your child label the dividers at home. 


    The dividers should be labeled as follows:

         Divider 1- Homework

         Divider 2- Growth Mindset

         Divider 3- Goals

         Divider 4- Graded Papers

         Divider 5- Leave at Home