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Laura Hanson



Hello Class,

Welcome to our first official week of distance learning! Remember that we are all learning new systems and login procedures. Be patient, keep trying, and email me if you are stuck or need help. I will be at the computer to help (office hours) from 9-12 Monday.

I've tried to make this first week as easy as possible for you to navigate by creating a schedule that includes links to each assignment. Access the schedule HERE on office 365. Login is:


password: MvusdMMDD! (MMDD is the 2 digit month and 2 digit day of your birthday)

For Nitro Type: follow the link on the schedule to race exclusively with our class at 10:30. Create a new account using your first name last initial and 42 as the user name. you can do your regular password.  If you log on your regular way, you show up on the race board as your 9 digit number and nobody will know who is playing. If a choice to select friends is given, please select everyone. You should be able to see who in our class is logged on at any given time. Thank you for your patience as we learn tech at a distance!


Remember the recording of Home that I played for you in class? The one with my sister and I, mom, and my nieces and nephew ages 9, 7, and7 singing and playing ukulele in the livingroom? Even though it is just a recording on my phone, the message is so appropriate to our current situation that I posted it. It is on the music link on the left. The top line Home by Philip Philips is the link to hear it.

I miss you guys! I hope you are staying home and washing your hands often.

Mrs. Hanson