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    Bloom's Taxonomy Bookmark (credit: W. Smith)

     (see Homework Link on the left pane to access
    recommended YouTube Links for Reading, Math, and a Growth Mindset)
     Class Code:  GP8TP
    Scroll below for quick links to:
    Zearn, Kids A-Z, and Think Central*
    Username & Password were sent home at the first week of September. Please check in your child's homework folder)

    The program will automatically move them on to a higher level once all books are read & each book has 3 check marks. 
    Please make sure that students are being responsible and reading the book instead of clicking on the arrows to go on to the next page. 
    NOTE:  check your child's homework folder for their username & password. 
    Their username & password are the same for all educational software listed below
    (*except for Think Central; see below)
    username:  9 digit number
    password:  first name and the number 2
    zearn                       Zearn.org  https://www.zearn.org/
     (Students will not have access to www.zearn.org until Spring)
    teacher username:  rpablo
    Think Central Logo Do you need to print today's math? 
                          Or, need extra practice?  How about additional math games?  Think Central has it all!  
     To print the homework, click on the "Practice Book (SE) G2" then select the appropriate math lesson.
    *NOTE (as of 09/01/17):  the district has changed students' password to:  name02 (example:  john02)
    If your email changed, please notify me as soon as possible.  My goal is to save paper and keep families involved and informed.


    If you are running late or at 3:00 (2:00 for on Early Out Days), your child will be waiting for you in the office. 
    Please notify me through email (my email is always on and I get it quicker than voicemail) or the office.
    Thanks for your understanding!

    Want extra practice for your child's phonics skills?!
    Click here:
    Need ideas to support your child's reading?  Click on these printables:


    Some documents or files are in pdf format and require Adobe Reader. 
    Click here to download the free software if you don't already have it.
    Download Free Adobe Reader Acrobat Reader
    Important note from our
    Health Tech:
    Just a brief FYI-all medication must be bought in by a parent and in the original box or pill container. We must have an authorization form signed by parent and doctor (on school website) and they sign a form when they come in to the health office.

    Some students will have an inhaler-they can have it on them if I have a signed self-administer authori
    zation in the health office. STUDENT ARE NOT ALLOWED TO HAVE ANY MEDICATIONS ON THEM OF ANY KIND, IE: Halls, throat lozenges/antibiotic cream.

    Health Technician

    Monte Vista Elem

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