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Supply List

Welcome to the 2023-2024 School Year!

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The following supplies are recommended for your child this year second grade. If you are unable to purchase supplies, please don't worry. I will provide supplies for students who are unable to purchase some. 

Please do not individually label each supply, but rather place them in a large Ziploc bag labeled with the student's name. I will replenish their supplies as needed and store the bags here in the classroom.

Students should try to have all supplies by Monday, August 14th.

Recommended Supplies:

-Regular size pencil box (no locks or jumbo sized)

Pencil box.jpeg 

-6 regular size glue sticks

-1 box of Ticonderoga brand pencils

-1 box of Crayola (24 ct.) crayons

-2 highlighters

-2 dry erase markers (chisel point, black preferred)

-Sturdy folder (not binder) in any color, for transporting homework and behavior charts to and from class. Must have three prongs and pocket on inside so I may attach a sheet protector. Walmart sells them for 98 cents:

folder folder 


- TWO spiral bound (1-subject) notebooks WIDE ruled. Your child will need one that is GREEN and one that is YELLOW. Walmart sells them for 50 to 99 cents each. Please see images below:

 notebook Yellow notebook

Finally, if you are able to donate any small goodies or prizes for our classroom treasure box, please feel free to send them in. I am always looking for help in keeping the treasure box well-stocked in order to reward the students. 

Last Modified on August 8, 2023