39 Clues around the world is one book that brings geography to life.
    Have you ever wanted to see the places that you are reading about?
    Reading books can take you to some fun and exciting places.
    The web link below will help you picture that place as you read.
    Reading and writing are so much fun.
    Have you ever read a book and thought- I have an idea for a book.
    Then you just want to sit down and write that story.
    Well this website will help you to create your own books with pictures.
    It is all done on the web!
    Do you like puzzles?
    Check out the puzzle and see if you can guess who it is!
    If you can write books- you can make movies.
    If you want to make a book trailer like I did- follow the next link.
    Create a book trailer and send it to me at ldodds@murrieta.k12.ca.us
    I look forward to seeing your creativity!
Last Modified on August 12, 2018