• Attendance

    In order for your son or daughter to receive the very best education possible, he or she needs to be in school every day. So much goes on in one day that missing important instruction for only one day can make the difference in a student’s learning. We want all of our students to experience the most success possible.

    We realize, however, that students do get sick and will miss school. The law requires that we document these absences as excused or unexcused. Only parents or guardians can excuse a student’s absence, provided the reason falls within the guidelines established by law. The only valid reasons for a student’s absence (excused) are:

    • Illness or injury to student
    • Quarantine of the home by a county or city health official
    • A medical, dental, optometric or chiropractic appointment
    • Other absences deemed justifiable by the school such as a religious holiday or family emergency

    Calling in an Absence:

    • Dial 696-1421, then press #1 for the attendance line

    Please state:

    • Student’s full name
    • Student’s grade
    • Name & relationship of person calling in the report
    • Date(s) of absence
    • Reason for absence
    Last Modified on July 26, 2016