Supply List


    Fourth Grade Supply List

    We’re looking forward to a fun and exciting time in fourth grade this coming year! We will provide all students with the basic supplies necessary for their success, but many parents like to provide their child with their own. Below you will find a list of suggested supplies we need in case you would like to purchase them for your child or the classroom. There are lots of summer sales at places like Walmart, Target, Staples, and Office Depot where you can get some great deals on school supplies.
    Also, we will be reading several chapter books together during the course of the year. We have sets of most of the books for students, but they are class copies which are not always in the best condition, and they must remain in the classroom. It may be helpful to your child to have his or her own copy of the books that they can bring home, make notes in, and flag with Post-it notes. With that in mind, we are also providing a list of the books we plan to read this year in case you would like to purchase them for your child. You can often find good deals on paperbacks through Amazon.


    School Supplies


    #2 pencils


    Hand-held pencil sharpener

    The Sisters Grimm: The Fairy-Tale Detectives

    Large erasers

    By Michael Buckley

    Lined white notebook paper


    Black fine-point Sharpies

    Island of the Blue Dolphins

    Wide-ruled notebook paper

    By Scott O’Dell

    Glue sticks


    3x3” Post-its

    Patty Reed’s Doll

    Expo markers

    By Rachel Laurgaard



    3-ring binder (1-1 ½”)

    By the Great Horn Spoon!

    Colored pencils or crayons

    By Sid Fleischman







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