• Health Services

    The district's credentialed school nurses provide support to sites in a variety of ways. The nurses oversee the health techs at each site, assist with special education issues, design and oversee specialized physical health care plans, oversee the vision and hearing programs, handle emergencies, and review home/hospital requests. In addition, they consult with teachers, parents and others on health and safety issues. They are also highly involved with special education, obtaining developmental histories for student assessments and participating in IEP meetings as needed.


    District Health Services Resources


    Each student who is required to take medication at school must have written parent and physician permission on file, as well as provide the medication to the health office in the original, labeled container (download Medication Authorization).

    Lead Nurse, Shalena Mitchell, MSN, RN, smitchell@murrieta.k12.ca.us (951) 696-1600 x. 1958

    Health Technician, Vacant (951) 696-1405 x 2293


    If you or your child are struggling with life or are finding it hard to cope, counseling is available. Call (951) 696-1600 x. 1164 for information on counseling referrals.

    Abuse, AIDS, alcoholism, depression, divorce, drugs, gangs, homelessness, pregnancy, sexuality, violence, suicide. TEEN LINE operated by teens, for teens, helps adolescents address their problems through a confidential peer hotline and community outreach program. Toll-free in California, it's a place to talk things out with another teen in a safe, non-judgmental environment.

    1-800-TLC-TEEN (1-800-852-8336) or 310-855-HOPE (310-855-4673) Nightly 6:00 pm-10:00 pm (pst)

    Home Hospital

    Children are eligible to receive home/hospital education if they need to be out of school for a period of time in excess of two weeks for a medically related reason. Home/Hospital Education is, by definition, a temporary program, and is not provided for extended periods of time or in lieu of school attendance. The Student Support Department receives requests, monitors the appropriateness of the requests and arranges for the instructional staff to go to the student's home.

    Emergency Cards

    In order to properly care for your student and notify parents when a student is ill or injured, California Education Code 49403 requires that all parents submit an emergency card with their home phone, work phone, and emergency contacts. If your student is injured or ill, and we do not have an updated emergency card, we may have to call 911 for treatment at the parent's expense. Please include at least two or three local numbers of people who could care for your student if you are not available.

    It is imperative that we receive this information at the start of each school year!

Last Modified on June 28, 2022