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About Our School

  • About Our School

    We are excited to offer a STEM emphasis at our school.. Science, technology, engineering and math education is integrated into the regular curriculum, as well as through project based instruction. Integrated curriculum fosters a way of learning that mimics real life.    
    Our staff is committed to creating an environment where children are curious and excited about learning.  Our STEM focus is a vehicle for developing and fostering 21st century learning skills.  We believe that students must develop creativity, curiosity, collaboration, communication and critical thinking skills in order to be college and career ready. 

    STEM Advantages:

    • Innovative and inspiring
    • Capitalizes on the natural curiosity of young children
    • Engages students as life-long learners
    • Integrates into Language Arts, math, social studies and art
    • Teaches children to use inquiry and investigation to analyze evidence 
    • Integrates the Next Generation Science Standards

    Components of Integrated Curriculum

    • Focuses on basic skills, content and higher level thinking
    • Increases understanding, retention, and application of concepts
    • Encourages lifelong learning
    • Structures learning around themes, big ideas and meaningful concepts
    • Provides connections among various curricular disciplines
    • Provides learners opportunities to apply skills they have learned
    • Encourages active participation in relevant real-life experiences
    • Captivates, motivates, and challenges learners
    • Provides a deeper understanding of content
    • Offers opportunities for more small group and cooperative/collaborative learning

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