Please use the below links to access my Haiku pages

    Period 1 English I Intensive and English II Intensive/ Read 180 classes 

    Period 2 & 5 Intensive English Support and English Language Learners Support Classes https://mvusd.learning.powerschool.com/asforzini/mrs.sforzinisellsupportclass/cms_page/view/47956417

    Period 3 English I SDAIE https://mvusd.learning.powerschool.com/asforzini/mrs.sforzinisenglishiclass/cms_page/view

    Period 6 Expository Reading and Writing 11 https://mvusd.learning.powerschool.com/asforzini/expo11/cms_page/view



    **please email me at asforzini@murrieta.k12.ca.us if you are experiencing difficulty accessing my Haiku pages**


Last Modified on February 25, 2021