• General Policies


    Parents, guardians, and community members are welcome to visit the school. All campus gates will be locked and secured from 7:45 to 2:15 each day.

    During school hours, everyone will be asked to check into our main lobby. All parents and visitors will receive a badge identifying them as a guest. Then they may proceed to the front office or attendance window to meet with students or conduct school business. We guard our learning time intensely; therefore, please do not disturb a teacher during class time.

    In order to maintain a safe and orderly learning environment, students' friends or visitors without approval are not allowed on campus at any time during school hours.


    Please make travel and other arrangements before your student arrives at school. We will call students for emergency messages only. We will not deliver messages from other students.


    Bouquets of flowers and balloons or other student gifts should be delivered to the home. They will not be accepted for delivery at the front office. While we join with you in the celebration of special occasions, these items are disruptive to the learning environment and will not be delivered during school time. We appreciate your understanding.

    Students need to be responsible for remembering their books, lunches, sports equipment, and other necessities. Please encourage them to accept the consequences if they neglect these responsibilities.

    Student Parking / Dismissal Rules

    Students must obtain a parking permit (at the attendance windows) before they may park a car in the student lot. At that time they will receive specific regulations which they will bring home for parent signature. Students who do not follow parking regulations may be ticketed, and a fine assessed, or denied parking privileges. The student lot is off-limits during the school day. Students may not loiter in the lots.

    Parents / Visitors

    Parents/visitors must check in at the campus security station during school hours, where parking permits will be issued.

    Closed Campus

    MMHS is a closed campus. During the break/lunch periods, students are to remain on campus. All other areas are considered out of bounds and unauthorized. Students are not permitted off campus at any time unless a parent/guardian provides a written request. Attendance personnel will verify all requests. Any student leaving campus must sign out at the attendance office. 


    Nutrition Services

    For School Year 2021-2022 meals will be available at no cost to students. MEAL APPLICATIONS Families are encouraged to complete a 2021-2022 meal application. This qualification extends to other district and state benefits and helps ensure funding for our classrooms. Free and Reduced Meals: If you feel that your family may qualify for the Free or Reduced Lunch and Breakfast Program, please fill out an application. The Eligibility Guidelines and Meal Application are available online at www.murrietaschoolnutrition.com. Applications can be completed any time during the school year. Only one application per family is needed. Be certain that you list all children enrolled in the district. Free and reduced meal applications must be renewed annually, benefits will carryover 30 days into the next school year. Paper applications are available in the school office, cafeteria, and District Support Center. Click here for more information on menus, prices, and nutritional information


    Traffic Pattern

    To ensure the safety of our students and staff, when dropping of your child for school, please adhere to the following guidelines for traffic flow. Traffic flow instructions

Last Modified on November 2, 2021