• Career Technical Education

    Career and Technical Education courses are designed to provide students with entry-level job training. Some classes include on the job training in local businesses. There are specialized Career and Technical Education courses that have an age requirement. Students must be enrolled in five high school classes in addition to a CTE course. Students may enroll in CTE courses during the second semester if approved by the instructor. Students are responsible for their own transportation to the CTE classroom sites. Career and Technical Education courses provide:
    • Free Job Training
    • High School Credit
    • Certificate of Training
    • Career Planning
    • Job Search Skills
    • Preparation for Higher Level Training

    For more information see your CTE representative in the Career Center.


    • Required coursework for graduation and post-secondary options including business or culinary schools
    • Business and Culinary related courses
    • Co-enrollment courses with local colleges
    • On-line and Career Technical Education (CTE) courses
    • Partnerships and Internships with area businesses and restaurants

    **Courses offered at Murrieta Mesa High School **




    Course # 7925
    Prerequisite: The ability to understand and carry out required health and safety standards, safely handle sharp kitchen tools and operate kitchen equipment and use independent judgment in planning and carrying out a sequence of activities. Students must be free from communicable diseases and have clean personal habits and dress and use diplomacy and tact in dealing with customers. There is a dress requirement which complies with health sanitation and safety laws (State Law AB1978) and HACCP regulation for dress code.
    Length: Year
    This course meets district requirements for elective credit. The purpose of this course is to prepare students for culinary school and a career in the restaurant business. The Culinary Arts course combines elements of artistry, science and business skills to prepare students for an exciting career in the culinary field. Students will learn the proper use of kitchen tools, equipment, portion control, measurement , menu planning and budgeting, sanitation and safety, personal hygiene, job search and interpersonal skills and attributes necessary for success in the restaurant industry.
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