• MMHS Drama


    Welcome to the Performing Arts Pathway

    of Murrieta Mesa High School.


    Our program will hold a strong base in learning and building upon basic acting skills and extending that into professional acting. Each step of the program will be standard based, connecting to both the Language Arts standards and other academic standards with hopes of creating a pathway that not only leads to and top quality education, but a career in the performing arts. Students will be guided in skills from pantomime and improvisation, to script writing, technical design and production quality effects. We will set high standards, and work to develop strong relationships with the professionals in the field; from community theater groups, Broadway stage professionals, to film and media personalities. We want our students to learn not only in theory and exercise, but with practical, hands on experiences that will allow them the skills need to be the performing arts professions of the future.


    The Performing Arts Pathway will include Drama I (introduction to acting and public speaking), Drama II (script writing and skill development), Drama III (technical and stage skill development) and Drama IV (with the investment in learning the skills of professionals and practicing those skills in real life work experience). Our learning opportunities will also include an after school drama club which will include professionally run drama productions and participate in state wide acting activities. Each segment will offer our student the tools they need to succeed, not only in the field of performing arts, but in the advancement of our communities.


    2022-23 Drama Season


    October 26-29, 2022


    Bang Bang You're Dead

    November 16-18, 2022


    Charlette's Web

    February 2-4, 2023


    Into the Woods

    March 2-4, 9-11, 2023


    12th Annual One Act Rammy Awards Show

    May 9, 2023


    1st Annual Duet Acting Rammy Award Competion

    May 12, 2023




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