• Hello MVUSD teachers,

    I, Linda Muhlhauser, have created this section of our school's website to assist you, through mini-workshops, utilize the resources that our District has provided us to be better teachers by engaging our students in interesting, thought-provoking lessons. Discovery Education's Website is a great resource that many of us aren't using to it's fullest potential. I am one of those teachers so I recently attended a Discovery Education seminar to learn more about it. As one of your district Instructional Technology Leaders, I am here to help you DISCOVER these resources and bring them to your classroom.  Discovery Education is not just about streaming videos anymore!  DISCOVER the power and utility of DISCOVERY EDUCATION

    Create your own account so you can begin saving your Discovery Ed videos, music, photos and more in your own "library" of resources in Discovery Education!  Follow these steps before our workshop.

    Email me with specific trainings that you would like to see in the future!

    New User:
    MMHS passcode is CD75-D391
    Non-MMHS staff- contact Jeanne Nelson (DSC) or your site's ITL for your school's passcode.

    new user

    Register with your information


    Log into Discovery Education and begin utilizing great resources to compliment your curriculum!


    Create Folders for each of your subject areas or by content you want to organize!

    Teacher tools

    Utilize the Builder tools to create assignments for your students. Videos can be embedded into an online quiz that DE immediately grades for you!


    Search for ready-made handouts, lessons for video content and more! Sources sited in both MLA and APA formats for you and your students.


    Create a classroom of students where you can assign content review, homework and quizzes.


Last Modified on March 24, 2014