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    Supply List:

    *(1) 1 inch binder with two pocket folders.
    The two pocket folders should be labeled *homework and *Notices. I will provide these for students, unless they wish to purchase their own fun folders and binders.



    -No need for a pencil box. I will provide a pencil pouch and a clear box for them to use in class. 

    -hand held pencil sharpener

    (should have a compartment that collects shavings)

     -dry erase markers

    small sock or eraser (used for erasing white board)

    -color pencils


    -markers (must be able to fit in desk)

    -crayons (must be able to fit in desk)  24 count is preferable. 

    *The supplies above are what your child will be using, daily, in the classroom.  Hopefully this will give you an idea as to what your child needs for the school year.  
    *Classroom supplies that are always welcome as donations: baby wipes, pencils, erasers, band aids, tissues, hand sanitizer,  post it notes, markers, glue bottles, color pencils, and zip loc bags (any size). 

    Happy Shopping!


Last Modified on August 3, 2023