• Classroom #: F01
    Email Address: ahess@murrieta.k12.ca.us
    Phone Number: (951) 696-1421 #2651
         You will want to visit my Canvas page each week to read the Class Newsletter.  The "Weekly Homework Assignment Sheet" and "Weekly Spelling Words" will be found in the "Homework" section of my Canvas page. You don't have to print the assignment sheet. You can just open it and refer to it for what is assigned each day.

             There is one item that your child will need to complete the nightly homework. It is a package of wide ruled notebook paper (loose leaf paper as I call it). You will keep this package at home. Every night, your child will be writing two sentences about what he/ she read, and they are to be written on the notebook paper. One sheet is used for a week of sentences. 


     Wednesdays are early release days. The children are dismissed at 1:50.






         Two nights a week, the children are to go onto Raz Kids for their reading homework. Your child must log into Raz Kids (from the Cole Canyon student links page) and go to our class by typing   ahess12  in the "teacher username box".  One book is selected to be listened to, read, and tested. The books may be read in any order on the page that opens up. All of the books must be completed before your child levels up to another reading level. This takes the place of the "read for 15 minutes and write 2 sentences" homework for that night. Your child will write "Raz Kids" on the paper where sentences would have been written. It doesn't matter which 2 days Raz Kids is completed as long as it is done twice each week. Thank you for your help in making sure this is completed at home twice a week.
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