• All About Mrs. Mored

      Mrs. Mored lives in Murrieta with her family including her husband, Brian, and 3 children: Taylor, Randi, and Bryce.  
     Mrs. Mored enjoys spending time with her family, playing games, watching movies, and reading!  Don't be surprised if you run into her at SuperTarget, Costco, or Trader Joes. 
    A Few of Mrs. Mored's Favorite Things:

    Favorite color: Red
    Favorite season: Fall
    Favorite stores: Super Target and Trader Joes
    Favorite Restaurants: Panera, Amo Nakatl Asada, Gentle Grill, and Pick Up Stix
    Favorite snacks: popcorn, dark chocolate (Justin's peanut butter cups), Oreos
    Favorite drinks: Starbucks iced green tea or black tea(unsweetened) with just one Stevia
    Favorite scents: pumpkin, apple, cinnamon, and coffee


    Mrs. Mored at Inner Harbor, Maryland.


Last Modified on August 5, 2022