• All About Mrs. Mored

      Mrs. Mored lives in Murrieta with her family including her husband, Brian, and 3 children: Taylor, Randi, and Bryce (12th grader at MVHS).  
     Mrs. Mored enjoys spending time with her family, playing games, watching movies, and reading!  Don't be surprised if you run into her at SuperTarget, Costco, or Trader Joes. 
    A Few of Mrs. Mored's Favorite Things:

    Favorite color: Red
    Favorite season: Fall
    Favorite stores: Super Target and Trader Joes
    Favorite Restaurants: Amo Nakatl Asada, Gentle Grill, and Pick Up Stix

    Favorite drinks: Starbucks iced green tea, black tea, or passion tea (unsweetened)
    Favorite scents: pumpkin, apple, cinnamon, and coffee


    Mrs. Mored at Inner Harbor, Maryland.


Last Modified on August 3, 2020