• Reading Comprehension Strategies





    Making Connections

    Good readers connect what they know with what they are reading. 

    Text-to-text (T-T)

    Text-to-self (T-S)

    Text-to-world (T-W)

    ·          Has this ever happened to me or someone I know?

    ·          Does this character/setting/plot remind me of another book?

    ·          Have I ever felt like this character?

    ·          What do I already know that will help me understand what I’m reading? 



    Good readers think about what’s going to happen and make predictions based on what they know and what they have read. Good readers use clues the author has given them to figure out what is happening in the book.

    ·          What do I think will happen next?

    ·          While looking over the material before reading, I predict I will learn about __________.

    ·          This title/heading/picture makes me think ____________.

    ·          From what I’ve read so far, I can tell that ___________.



    Good readers ask themselves questions when they read.

    ·          What is the author saying?

    ·          Why is that happening?

    ·          Why did this character ________?

    ·          This makes me wonder _________.

    ·          Is this going to be important later in the story/series?



    Good readers stop to think about their reading and know what to do when they don’t understand.

    ·          Is this making sense?

    ·          Wait, what’s going on here?

    ·          Do I need to reread?

    ·          How do I say this word?

    ·          What does this word mean?

    ·          What text clues help me?



    Good readers identify the most important ideas and restate them in their own words.

    ·          This story is mainly about______.

    ·          The author’s most important ideas were_______.

    ·          What are the key words?

    ·          How does the text’s organization help me?

    ·          Are the ideas in the text supported with convincing evidence?



    Good readers picture what is happening while they read.

    ·          What are the pictures/scenes in my mind?

    ·          What do the characters, setting, and events of the story look like?

    ·          Can I picture the information?


Last Modified on November 1, 2010