• Positive Behavior Intervention Support (PBIS)

    Curran believes in dealing with all discipline issues through PBIS.  The main focus of PBIS is to provide a clear system for expected behaviors in all school settings.  Our expectations focus on Being Safe, Being Respectful and Being Responsible.  Through PBIS, we work to create and maintain a school culture in which all school community members have clear expectations and understandings of their role in the educational process.

    The purpose of implementing PBIS is to:                                          

    • Create a positive school culture
    • Create consistency among adults
    • Strengthen family and community partnerships
    • Reduce office discipline referrals
    • Identify students in need of more support

    Behaviors in and outside of class are categorized as minor or major.  Repeated minor behaviors will be reviewed by administration and/or our school counselor and parents will be notified.  Major offenses are dealt with by school administration and/or our school counselor.  Any major offenses are documented in our school data base and parents are notified.