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    Classroom Expectations and Rules

    Anila McCullough – R155



    Medical Biology


    Welcome to Medical Biology! I consider it a privilege to teach students the wonders of living things and the environment they inhabit. My hope is that you strive to reach your goals to succeed in the class. The following information is a basic outline of the classroom expectations and rules by which you are to abide. Your success increases if you adhere to the information in this syllabus. A couple of differences between Med. Bio and CP Bio is in Med. Bio., we concentrate on increasing health/medical career awareness and improve performance in science coursework through relevant labs. I truly hope you maximize your potential in this class. Remember, you’re a Ram. Practice P.R.I.D.E. daily!


    Course Materials

    The following items are recommended for the class:

    1. Biology textbook (McDougal Littell)
    2. Interactive Student Notebook – 5 x 11, spiral-bound, college-ruled, 200+ sheets
    3. Colored Pencils (needed for homework) and highlighters
    4. Mini-stapler and staples



    Grades will be computed during the year according to the following categories:

                Homework/Classwork/Labs……….20%     Final…………………….10%

                Tests…………………………………...40%           Projects…………………10%

                Quizzes…………………………………10%           Participation…………..10%


    The grading scale that will be used in the class is as follows:

    A  100% - 90%       B  89% - 80%       C  79% - 70%       D  69% - 60%        F  59% and below



    #1 – All MMHS campus rules apply in the class, which include the Tardy Policy, Discipline Plan, and Dress Code (NO ELECTRONIC DEVICES in class except when teacher allows).

    #2 – Students are to remain in their seats unless instructed otherwise.

    #3 – Students are to bring required materials to class (notebook, pen/pencil, and paper).

    #4 – Eating and all personal grooming should be done outside the classroom, before or after class (NO FOOD IN THE CLASSROOM AND NO DRINKS OTHER THAN WATER).


    Infractions of the Rules

    Consequences for not following the rules stated above:

    Step 1 – verbal warning

    Step 2 – conference with student and/or detention

    Step 3 – referral and parent notification

    Step 4 – administrative action and parent conference


    Late Homework

    Homework, class work, labs, notes, and mostly all activities will be written in the interactive student notebook (ISN). If an assignment is turned in late, it will not be stamped. A stamped assignment indicates it was turned in on time and complete. However, you will still have an opportunity to complete the assignment and earn a 70% as his highest score for the assignment. It must be turned in the next class date. Notebooks turned in late will earn a 10% deduction from the points earned everyday it is late. Be attentive learners and get your work done!


    Tests and Quizzes

    Be sure to study your notes, review any lab concepts, and main objectives of activities on a daily basis. The more you spread out your responsibilities throughout a chapter, the less work you’ll have to do when it comes time to take the test. No less than 15-20 minutes a day of studying your notes will help lift the burden of cramming before a test.


    Participation Points

    A positive attitude, good behavior, decent rapport with classmates, a display of good or excellent effort in class, and following school rules all make up your participation points. Remember, these points are subjective. If you are consistently having problems in class, points will be deducted from your grade at the end of the semester.


    Potty Passes

    You have 5 passes for each semester. Use them wisely. You may not leave the classroom on your own volition (drink of water or restroom) without you a pass. You may borrow from a classmate, if necessary. Any remaining passes are added to the grade as extra credit.


    Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns in Med. Biology this year. Have a great year!



    Anila McCullough

    MMHS Science Department


    951-677-0568 ext. 6155

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