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    I can help with:

    • Stress

    • Coping Skills (helping us feel better)

    • Anxiety

    • Grief

    • Anger

    • Conflict with friends or family 

    • If you need someone to listen to you


    You and your child can see also look at the School Counseling Canvas Page
    for more information about counseling classroom Instruction.    

    About the School Counseling Program

    Felipe Zanartu  

    My name is Felipe R. Zañartu, and I was born in the United States in San Diego, CA.   I am a 2nd generation Chilean American born and raised in San Diego, CA.  I received my Bachelor of Arts Degree at California State University San Marcos. I earned my masters of science degree in School Counseling at San Diego State University in 2011. 

    I am passionate about the field of school counseling ensuring that its comprehensive data and it reaches every student!  I work to use technology to push the importance of good habits and good mental health for all!  I love working with students to remove barriers to learning.   I try to use media as a tool to help build social skills and life-long habits.  I am dedicated to searching for all the talents, skills and intelligence that exist in all students.  I believe that all students are capable of success, NO EXCEPTIONS!

    School Counseling Vision Statement

    All students who attended Cole Canyon Elementary will complete their K-12 education with academic and social emotional skills that prepare them to be college and career ready! They are prepared to take on the challenges and expectations of the diverse and complex 21st century, becoming positive and productive citizens in a global society. 

    School Counseling Mission Statement

    ASCA Diamond The mission of the Cole Canyon School Counseling Program is to provide a comprehensive, data driven school counseling program that will empower students to achieve academic success, develop life skills to become life-long learners, and become responsible community members in a diverse changing world. We engage with students and families through authentic experiences to identify barriers to learning to ensure equity and access for all students. We are school counselors committed to the success of each child so they can achieve their greatest potential every day.
    Our School Counseling Program mission is aligned with and supports the mission of Cole Canyon Elementary School and the Murrieta Valley Unified School District.

    If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me below.

    Felipe R. Zañartu 
    Professional School Counselor
    (951) 696-1421 x 2690


    What teachers are saying about Mr. Zanartu
    "Mr. Zanartu recently taught 4 lessons in my classroom.  The lessons were highly engaging with lots of opportunities for all of the students to be involved. There was physical movement, singing, and puppets to reinforce the main ideas of the lessons.  The students looked forward to his visits.”
    1st Grade Teacher
    "Mr. Zañartu’s are great. The kids are engaged and it was right at their level of understanding. They looked forward to your lesson every day. Better yet, they have carried over what they learned into their behavior in the classroom and on the playground."
    2nd Grade Teacher
    "Mr. Zanartu came in last week to work with my third grade class. He incorporated role playing, song, and movement to teach them how to handle a variety of situations relevant to making good choices for third graders. This was most helpful to my group as the majority of them need such exposure to help them in this upcoming year  as Avaxat citizens to make smart decisions and use appropriate behaviors. The power point videos were engaging. I hope he comes back to reinforce the song and movements with them and use throughout the year." 
    3rd Grade Teacher


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