• Homework for the week of January 13
    Monday, Jan. 13: No school, no homework
    Tuesday, Jan. 14: Mystery Picture Graph
    Wednesday, Jan. 15: Math hmwk. pgs. 414A/B AND 418A/B
    Thursday, Jan. 16: Study for the Spelling test AND Math hmwk.
                                pgs. 424A/B AND 428A/B
    Homework for the week of December 16
    *Friendly reminder: Our potluck breakfast and white elephant exchange is Friday
    Monday, Dec. 16: Solve "Holiday Hink-Pinks" WS
    Tuesday, Dec. 17: Math hmwk. pgs. 402A/B AND 406A/B
    Wednesday, Dec. 18: Holiday Problem Solving WS AND study for the spelling test
    Thursday, Dec. 19: Make sure you have everything for the White Elephant exchange                                  and Potluck Breakfast AND wear your pajamas!
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