Beginning May 9, each student is required to pass 3 IReady lessons over the course of the week. No more AR!
    Homework for the week of May 23
    Friendly reminders: 3 IReady lessons are due by Friday, May 27, Last week!
                                     Shivela Middle school visitation, Tuesday, 9:00-11:00
                                     Mulligan's Field trip, Thursday, May 26, 9:30-2:15, please wear the black Antelope Hills T-Shirt
    Monday, May 23: Write out the application for the job you seek for Bridge Building
    Tuesday, May 24: Write your final draft for our Pen Pals, 2 drafts due tomorrow, rough/final.
    Wednesday, May 25: Study for the West/Pacific States/Capitals Quiz tomorrow AND complete the Crossword puzzle AND remember to wear your black Antelope Hills T-Shirt
    Thursday, May 26: Review for the 50 States/ Capitals test tomorrow; remember to use the website for more practice!
    Homework for the week of May 16
    Monday, May 16: Scholastic News
    Tuesday, May 17: Create Antonym/Synonym list from this week's list  Create 1-2 building for your Volumeville. Be sure to add windows, doors and color!
    Wednesday, May 18: Midwest States/Capitals Crossword puzzle
    Thursday, May 19: Midwest/SE/NE States/Capitals Crossword puzzle AND study for the Spelling test AND wear Blue on Friday
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