• Our 2022-23 PTA Board welcomes everyone to a new school year!

    Please consider becoming a PTA member to show support for the many family events and student activities that we provide that make our school an awesome place.

    Our Board

    -Amy Carnevale, President

    -Laura Smith-Whitmarsh, Executive Vice President

    -Becca Woods, Treasurer

    -Amber Deakins, Secretary

    -Christy Scott, VP of Ways & Means

    -LeaAnn Elsmore, Special Projects Chair

    -Julie Graham, Auditor

    -Kevin Carnevale, Community Outreach Chair

    -Megan Speth, Student Enrichment Chair

    -Kelly Neubecker, Historian

    -Kate Benavidez, Room Parent Coordinator

    -Rebekah Jager, Hospitality Chair

    -Tarenta Payne, Parliamentarian

    -  Ashley Coffin, Family Engagement Chair

    -Tingting Griffiin, Art Chair

Last Modified on October 3, 2022