• Site Council:

    The Site Council is composed of school staff and parents. It meets once a month and is responsible for developing and monitoring a Single Plan for Student Achievement. This plan is created in response to a thorough review of school achievement data. It communicates specific goals for the year, a plan for achieving these goals, and a plan for the use of school funds to support these goals. The Site Council also serves in an advisory role to the Principal regarding school-wide issues and decisions.
    Agendas and minutes for meetings will be posted after each meeting for public viewing.

    Site Council Members:
    Josh Fogal, Principal
    Trisha Morel, Teacher
    Jessica Silva, Teacher
    Nicole Venegas, Teacher

    Parent Representatives
    Michael Ortiz
    Jacquelynn Pudelwitts
    Harry Ramos
    Robert Seneff
    Katerine Walsh


Last Modified on October 22, 2018