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    Parents: Please remember to check this page and your email often for any updates and reminders.

    Cole Canyon

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    Dear Parents, 

    Welcome to MVUSD’s Phase II of Distance Learning. Please know that the links below will assist you in the transition to home based learning.  These links provide resources to help your second grader succeed.  They consist of standards based resources that will assist them in achieving grade level mastery.   The second grade team will update this learning plan at the start of each week. If you have any questions, please email me or text me on ClassDojo.  I hope you are all staying safe and healthy.  

    The plan for second grade students during our Distance Learning time will be to spend approximately 1.5 hours per day on school work.  About 45 minutes should be allocated for language arts and another 45 minutes should be used on math. Please look to your teacher's website for specific guidelines on daily learning objectives that lead to mastery of the California State Standards. 

    Please know that I will be in touch with you using primarily Aeries communication (email) during this time.  Please check your email daily (M-F) for updates from the district or me.
    Please email me if you have any questions or concerns.
     Distance Learning Resources:

    The following information below applies to when students are in class :
    Donations Needed:
    Headphones/ear buds (one per student)
    Baby wipes
    Copy Paper (white/colored)
    *Students must return their homework folders every day!  I want them to create the habit of bringing the folder back.  This helps them develop responsibility.   We will begin the school year by focusing on math facts and reading each night.  
     For now, the second grade teachers would like our students to practice their addition facts (fact cards are available to print from my webpage and the 2nd grade webpage), review the 2nd grade sight words (also on the webpages.  If your child can say them, then have him/her spell them too.), and read each night for at least 10 minutes.  In addition, please work on having your child identify coins, count money and tell time.
    Homework packets begin the week of August 26th!
    Math Homework
    *Parents:  Children will have a math fact test every Friday.  The first Friday will be a pretest and if he/she passes, then the following Friday your child does not need to take the retest.  Math fact tests are typically graded and sent home each Friday, so you can see if they have passed or need to practice.  If your child does not pass the pretest, continue practicing the facts and he/she will retake the test the following Friday.  They will have 2 minutes to complete the 30 fact questions on each test.
    In addition, I will be sending home math pages from their Go Math books in the weekly homework packets.
    Please remember to check this website and your emails for the assigned pages.  All assigned pages will be due on Friday of each week.  Parents please remember to initial the math pages in the top right corner.  Thanks!
    Reading Homework

    Students need to read for at least 15 mins. each day. 

    Weekly Reading Fluency Passage and/or Reading Comprehension 

         Please have your child read the passage aloud to you each day.  Then track the amount of time that it takes him/her to read the entire passage starting on Monday (Day 1).  Write the time at the top of the page.  After he/she has read aloud, go back and discuss any word errors that he/she made during the reading.  Then do the same each day for the week.  Hopefully, you will see that your child’s fluency improves over the week.  In addition, there may be comprehension questions to go with the passage for your child to answer.

         Weekly Reading Log: This will be attached to the weekly homework packet.  Please log the book read each day and have a grown-up initial.  Then choose one book per week from your list to complete the bottom of the page.  The directions are at the top of the Weekly Reading Log page. 


    ***For extra comprehension practice, you could ask questions about the passage such as:

    Who are the characters?

    Where is the setting? 

    What is the problem in the story? 

    How is it solved? 

    Is this story like another story you have read? (Explain) 

    How are you like the character in the story?

    Computer Homework
    We  have Think Central (supports the Go Math), and Reading Counts (tests reading comprehension after reading a book) for our students to use.  I will send home a letter in your child's homework folder with the directions and passwords for your child to access these programs.  
    Children can also access Fast Math Stretch at home.  Go to the Cole Canyon webpage and click on "Student Links".  Then click on "Fast Math Stretch to Go".  Username is their 9 digit number.
    PE days are Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays from 1:35-2:15.  Students must wear appropriate, athletic shoes on those days.  Please no strappy sandals with open toes or cowboy boots.

    tennis shoes
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