Spanish 2 Syllabus

Spanish 2

Mrs. Pezzullo

Room: M374

School Phone Number: (951)677-0568 ext. 6374




  1. En Español, Year2 Textbook. This is to be checked out from the library and kept at home. There is a set of books in the classroom to use during class.
  2. Students will need a 1” (minimum) three-ring binder with four dividers. The dividers will be labeled as; 1. Vocabulary, 2. Daily Work, 3.  This Chapter’s Homework, 4.  Projects
  3. Always bring paper to write on, colors,pen and pencil.
  4. It is strongly recommended that students have a Spanish-English dictionary. 


The goals of this course are to provide students with information, resources, and strategies to help them become proficient in reading, writing, listening, and speaking Spanish, while encouraging students to experience different cultures and perspectives and to prepare students for Spanish level three.


Spanish II

1st Semester                                                                      2nd Semester

- ser vs estar                                                                       - preterite vs imperfect

- present tense (-ar/-er/-ir)                                          - reflexive verbs

-preterite                                                                            - DOPS/IOPs

                *regular verbs

                *irregular verbs

                *stem-changing verbs














Students earn their own grades. Each assignment is worth a certain amount of points and given a percentage grade. A = 90-100%     B = 80-89%     C = 70-79%     D = 60-69%     F = below 60%



             Homework assignments are given regularly and quizzes will be given weekly.  Students should study their vocabulary lists and notes at least 5 minutes a night to be prepared for assignments and quizzes. 


Late Work: 

Students have the same amount of days to make up their assignments as they had excused absences.  Absences must be cleared to get full credit on missed work.  Late assignments are given half credit if completed and turned in before the chapter test.  Missed tests must be taken within a week of the excused absence. 


Participation Points: 

            Students are expected to participate regularly in class.  Students will be rewarded for positive input. 


 Additional Support and Tutoring:

            Students are encouraged to come and visit me before or after school if they need help.  If you need help, please set up a time with me to ensure that I will be in the classroom.


All Murrieta Mesa High School rules and guidelines apply in the classroom. 

Welcome to Spanish 2!!









Assignment #1 -  Print  the following page completed and signed for 20 pts. 








My parent(s) and I have read and understand the guidelines presented in the Spanish2 course syllabus; we agree to abide by them.


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