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Hello.  I hope everyone is safe and doing well in these difficult times.  I have already emailed and sent a text message about the following information, but I wanted to post it here as well.  Administration has asked that week 7 of distance learning be the last week for new content information.  I will be accepting late work until Monday June 8th.  Thank you to everyone who completed their distance learning assignments and took advantage of completing all late work.  Please let me know if you have any further questions.  -Mr. Brusch


 I will be posting assignments for my US History, World History and Health classes on this site every Monday.  The powerpoints and handouts can be found here.  Remember, these assignments will not be graded but I will be providing feedback daily via email.  For those who would like to improve their grades, I WILL be allowing students to make up work that was assigned before schools were closed.  You can take a picture of your work and email it to me.  In some cases, I will be providing alternative assignments when it is not feasible or possible to make up a specific assignment (example: Tests and quizzes).  PLEASE PUT YOUR FULL NAME AND PERIOD ON EVERY EMAIL YOU SEND ME.  Thank You.  Mr. Brusch


US HISTORY (May 18-24) Assignment

*Read your textbook on the Cold War

*Summarize the Notes on the Cold War Power Point. These power points can be found under the "US History" power points on this site.  

 *Go to US History documents and Complete the assignment titled "Week 7 Learning objectives".

*I am still accepting the WWII project for extra Credit.  You can take a picture of it and send it to me.  20 points.


WORLD HISTORY (May 18-24) Assignment

*Read the Cold War chapter in your text book.

*Summarize the Power Points on the Cold War Chapter.   The power points are found under "World History power points" on this site.

*Complete the Handouts for Section 17.5 and 17.6.   These Handouts are found on this site under the "World History" tab.


HEALTH (May 18-24 Assignment)

*I realize students do not have a text-book at their home.  However, you can find all power points on this site Under "Health powerpoints"  I ALSO POSTED THE ONLINE VERSION OF YOUR TEXTBOOK ON THE "HEALTH" TAB ON MY TEACHER WEBSITE.

*Summarize the power points for chapter 18-21.

*Assignment-  Go to the Health Documents page on my teacher website and find "Health Textbook".  You are to complete #1-20 on  chapter 18,  and #1-20  for chapter 21.




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