• Welcome to Mr. Brusch's U.S. History class!
    LATE WORK:  You are allowed to make up any late work that was assigned before school was suspended.  I have the table of Contents (TOC) from the two packets that were collected thus far this semester.  SEE BELOW.  It there is a video you need, you can email me and I will find an alternative assignment for you.
    1920's UNIT
    Notes                              5
    key terms                        5
    How and Why HO             5
    1920's video                    5
    Harlem Ren. Timeline Ho  5
    Heroes/changing ways HO5
    1920's part 2 video          5
    women/educ/culture HO   5
    warm ups                       12
           total                      82
    Great deperession UNIT
    notes                                      5
    Key Terms                               5
    Great Depression video            5
    How and Why HO                    5
    Social Security HO                   5
    New Deal Impact HO                5
    FDR and the New Deal  HO       5
    Warm ups                               14
    total                                       74


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