• Mrs. Stone's Wish List

    (updated 8/2020)

    Virtual Learning:
    During virtual instruction, I need the following more than you can know:
    • Student engagement
      • talk with them about how it is going and what they are doing
      • encourage them to engage in online class discussions 
      • make sure they reach out to me if they are struggling at all
    • Communication
    • Support
    • Patience
    • Honest, responsible, respectful feedback
    • Faith - that I care about your kids and their learning, and will work very hard to give them the best online education possible
    In-Person Instruction:
    I know they're not in elementary school any more, but your kids go through a lot of supplies!!!  :-)
    Every year, I go to the back to school sales and buy as much as I can, but we invariably run out every year of the items in the "Needed" list.  Any contributions will be appreciated.   California's education budget doesn't support the number of tissues, highlighters and pens my students go through every year.

    Items (in order of need):

    Needed (to reduce contact once we resume in-person instruction)
    electric staplers
    electric hole punches
    electric pencil sharpener
    Needed (sometimes desperately) 
    Expo Markers
    green, red, blue, black pens (for annotation)
    highlighters (for annotation)
    different color post-its (for annotation)
    Novels/books for classroom library (high-interest, appropriate titles) 
Last Modified on September 30, 2021