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    UPDATES (5/6): Print out the Digestion Study Guide worksheet from the digestion page.  Complete the assignment by Wednesday and attach to page 106 in your ISN.

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    Welcome Anatomy Students,
    You are embarking on a journey that will teach you more than you ever thought possible. 
    You will be challenged, enlightened, grossed out, intrigued but most of all, educated.
    Anatomy is the most relevant class that you will ever take!  Do you know why?  Because
    there is nothing more relevant to you than your own body!  If you strengthen your body, you
    will see results.  If you abuse your body, you will see its effects.  If you treat your body with
    respect, care, and love then you will understand how important it is to you in your everyday life.
    Join me in our journey of discovery about the amazing machine that is the Human Body.
    ~Mr. Chitraroff


Last Modified on June 12, 2013