• What can you do to prepare for a successful year of AVID and school at MMHS this year? 
    • Read over the summer - anything!  Try to find something that you think is interesting and fun!
    • Visit some college campuses with friends or family.  They don't have to be far away.  Just start getting a taste for what college looks/feels like.  Remember that many schools will not be in full session, so they will be fairly empty, and it won't be the best example of what it's like when it's in session. 
    • Be at school on time the first day, prepared to learn and work.  Be excited and enthusiastic!
    • Go through your stuff from the 08/09 school year and pull out anything that is special to you - work of which you are very proud, or assignments from which you really learned a lot.  These should be included in your portfolios in AVID, if you're already in high school, but they could be useful to you next year no matter what grade you are entering.
    Next year, in AVID, you will be giving your best effort to be successful in school.  To help you do that, we will be asking you to have the proper materials.  Please keep this in mind as you do your Back-to-School shopping.

    The essentials to not only survive but prosper in High School

    ____ Sturdy 3-ring binder, 3 or 4” with pocket inserts.  4” is recommended.

    ____ Five or six colored plastic Subject Dividers to separate each academic class, including AVID

    ____ At least 3 different Mini Sub Dividers to separate “notes, HW, tests, blank paper, etc.” for

             each Subject

    ____ Zipper Pouch to store supplies

    ____ 2 or more pencils (mechanical recommended)

    ____ Four or more pens (of at least two different colors, you may use “multicolored pens”)

    ____ 2 different colored highlighters

    ____ White out

    ____ Mini stapler and hole puncher

    ____ Post it notes
    ____ Plenty of blank paper

    ____ Daily Planner


    Strongly  recommended

    ____ Flash drive (all files/documents need to be saved/backed up)

    ____ Calculator

    ____ Six inch ruler

    ____ Reinforcement labels
    Other things you might need
    ____ Colored pencils
    ____ Binder dictionary/thesaurus
    Binder Organization

    Your binder should be ordered in the following manner:

    1. Colored plastic Subject Divider (ex. Geometry)
    2. Mini Sub Divider (Notes)
    3. Mini Sub Divider (Tests/Quizzes)
    4. Mini Sub Divider (Handouts, Assignments)
    5. You may add any other Mini Sub Dividers that you feel are necessary for a given class
    6. Repeat for each of your classes
Last Modified on May 18, 2020