• Distance Learning 


    Log into Haiku (from Learning Links) and complete the Microsoft Form each week.


    This link will take you to our Study Skills Basic Haiku page: https://mvusd.learning.powerschool.com/ymokelke/studyskillsbasic38261/cms_page/view




    Please check your student email daily as this will be our primary form of communication during this time.  I will be available to answer questions online Monday - Friday 9:00 - 1:30 pm.  I will check my my email throughout the day.  Any emails/messages received after 1:30 pm will be returned the following day (Monday - Friday).  


    Stay healthy kiddos,

    Mrs. Mokelke



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  • Course Description:  During the course of the year we will give students adequate time to work on their homework and any missed class work, as well as make up tests, study, and keep organized.  Students will be required to have a notebook/binder check once a week and an agenda check daily.   


    Students earn their own grades. They will be graded in 3 main areas: 

    Agenda:  50%

    Agenda MUST be filled out daily for every class.  If a student does not have homework, they MUST STILL fill their agenda out with the day's activity (i.e. took a test on cell division, or annotated article).  Agenda's are checked and initialied daily and graded on Thursday's or Friday's of every week.

    Every 3 Weeks Grade Check:  40%  

    Students will be given a grade check form to fill out and get signed by their teachers AND parents for full credit.  Students will be given a week to complete this assignment.  

    Productivity:  10% 

    Sometimes students do not have any work on them to complete.  They must come prepared to class with homework, classwork, and/or study materials.  Students will have an opportunity to earn 5 points per class period every week under this category.  District policy in regards to attendance and make-up work will be followed.  


    Please see attached syllabus for more details: Study Skills Syllabus