Murrieta Mesa High School Library

    Student Print Center

    Check out our new Student Print Center using the information below.

    Did you know you could print school assignments in the Mesa Library?  Our Library Print Center is available for students to print items for class projects or other school-related assignments.  You may send your print request from home, the classroom, or library using your mobile device or any school desktop computer.  Please be sure to download the document(s) to the device before you send it to the Student Print Center. 


    Please follow the directions listed in the link below.  If you have any questions, please feel free to stop by the library.


    Click here--> MMHS Library Student Printer

    First time, users will need to click Location ALLOW to proceed to the Mesa print website. 

    The release code is your 9-digit student number.



    Please see Mrs. Nelson or Mrs. Falcon if you have any questions.

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