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    Homework Plan


    Homework will consist of reading for at least 20 minutes, a math video or math practice, and spelling practice.  Math homework will be completed electronically on either a computer, tablet or mobile device and will be accessed through Haiku.  Reading logs will be checked, but no spelling homework will be collected.  Students are responsible for practicing their spelling words so that they are prepared for the test on Friday. Reading must be appropriate to the students’ current reading level and will follow the language arts focus and instruction we are currently working on in the classroom.  This is part of my balanced literacy program.  It is just as important for your child to read as it is for your child to see you read.  I hope you will start a nightly reading time for your family where everyone reads together.  Newspapers and magazines are good reading sources.  Please encourage your child to read these types of materials.  Remember, reading is fun!  Homework will be assigned every night, Monday through Thursday. However, I try to keep it minimal because I know students are busy with extracurricular activities, are outside playing, or spending time with family. This time is valuable, so enjoy it!   

Last Modified on May 30, 2023