• Here are some fun and different ways to practice spelling words! You may do any of these ideas or ones that you come up with on your own for weekly spelling practice! Have Fun!

    ABC order-Write your words in alphabetical order.

    Rainbow Words-Write your words in three colors.

    Backwards Words-Write your words forwards and then backwards.

    Picture Words-Draw a picture and write your words in the picture.


    Paint with water- Dip a Q-tip in water and practice spelling the words on a chalkboard or outside on the sidewalk! The words will disappear like magic, leaving the chalkboard clean!
    Shaving Cream Practice- squirt shaving cream on a table, smear it around with your hand and then write your words with your finger! This is also fun in the bathtub!
    Scratch n' Sniff- Write words with glue on paper, then sprinkle with Jell-O. Makes a super scratch n' Sniff when tracing over the letters.
    Adding Machine Tape Spelling- Students get tired of writing their spelling words the same way every time. Try having the students practice their words on adding machine tape.
    Fishing for Words- On 3" x 5" cards print the students spelling words, fold in half, and fasten each with a paper clip. Place the cards in a large fish bowl. Using a toy fishing pole or a long stick, place a magnet on the string. The students go fishing for a spelling word to practice.
    Finger Paint Bags- Freezer strength zip lock bags and fingerprint make great writing slates. Place a dab of finger paint in the zip-lock bag, tape the bag closed for extra strength. The student then lays the bag flat on the table and writes the word on the bag with a finger. The word will disappear like magic.
    Record a Word- Have students use a tape recorder to practice their spelling words.
    Word Cubes- Write letters on small wooden blocks and have the students arrange them and to spell their weekly words.
    Spelling Magic- Have students write words on white construction paper with white crayon. Then have them paint over the paper with watered down tempera paint or watercolors. Words appear like magic!
    Partner Word Step- On large piece of butcher paper print the letters of the alphabet. Have two partners pair up together to play this game. Have one student read the word aloud. The other child must step on the letters to spell the word.
    Read and Grow- Encourage flash card practice with this growing flower. Cut a large, colored, construction paper flower with a yellow circle glued to its center. Use an X-acto knife to make two parallel slits in the center of the flower. Cut green tag board strips the width of the slits, and insert the strip though the flower from the back. Write the spelling words on the stem for the children to practice.
    Egg Spellers- The parent writes the weekly spelling words on small pieces of paper and places them inside plastic eggs. (Now you know what to do with all those plastic Easter eggs after your kids are bored with them. ) Students pick the eggs from an Easter basket. The students then must write that word.
    Musical Words- A word skill game that is played like musical chairs. The parent places the spelling words on small pieces of paper in a large box or bag. The children sit in a circle, and start passing the box around while music plays. Whoever has the container when the music stops must pick out the paper and read the word. If he can't, he is out. Continue to play until there is only one person left.
    Magnetic Cookie Sheet- The parent arranges assorted magnet letters on a cookie sheet. Students use the letters to form the weekly spelling words.
    Paint Your Words- Have the students use small paint brushes to paint their words 5 times each.
    Salt Box Spelling- The parent pours salt in the lid of a box (approx. 1/4"). The student then practices the words in the salt.
    Alpha-Bit Spelling- Students use cereal to reproduce their spelling words. Don't forget to have a snack with the words you make.
    Pudding Practice- Try using instant pudding as a finger paint to practice spelling words.
    Sandy Words- Have students write their spelling words in glue, sprinkle sand over the glue. The students then trace over the words with their fingers for practice. They make terrific flash cards!
    Rainbow Words- Have the students practice words with felt pens, alternate colors for a rainbow look.
    Spell It With Beans- The students use lima beans to spell the weekly spelling words. The students can also glue the beans in place for a 3-D flash card.
    Spelling Squares- Students practice their words on graphing paper. The students use 1 box for each letter. Have the students figure out which spelling word is in the shortest, longest, etc. . . .
    Sandpaper Practice-Students write their words on sheets of sandpaper. The students can really feel their words!
    Pipe cleaners, Bendaroo’sor twist ties from the grocery store - Children use these to form their spelling words.
    Toothpicks - Same as above.
    Word collage - They design a collage using all of their words using markers, colored pencils etc.

    Painting - Paint their words.

    Playdough – roll out playdough into long “snakes”, make your words with them.
    Type ‘Em - Type all of your spelling words on the computer or on a typewriter.

    Fancy Letters - Use old magazines, catalogs, or newspapers to cut out letters and glue them down to spell your words!

    Spelling Baseball - Draw four bases on a piece of paper or set up four chairs to be the bases. Pitcher selects a word. If batter can spell it correctly, he moves forward one base. If batter cannot spell word, he remains where he is. Child receives point every time he passes home base.

    Spelling Bingo - Each player folds a piece of paper 4 times so you have 16 boxes. Each person makes his own game board and chooses 16 words from the current list and past lists (or use the same words more than once). Write one word in each box. The caller says a spelling word. If a player has the word on his bingo card, he traces over it with a pen or colored pencil. If the player does not have the word, he turns his paper over and writes it on the back. For a real challenge, play black-out bingo.

    Snowman or Scarecrow (Hangman) - Snowman is a nonviolent version of Hangman. On a wipe-off board or chalkboard, draw a snowman with hat and three buttons. Play like hangman (don't forget to draw the lines to show how many letters the chosen word has), but erase a part of the snowman for each guess. The object is to guess the word before the snowman melts.

    Trace Around - Print one of your spelling words neatly. Take a colored pen and draw an outline around the word, closely following the shapes of the letters. Close your eyes and remember the shape. Now try to write the word.

    ABC Order - Write your words in alphabetical order.
    Reverse ABC order
    Connect the Dots - Make a square of 4 rows of dots with 4 dots in each row. Before taking a turn, the player must spell a spelling word. If the word is correct, he connects two dots. When a player forms a square, he can write his initials in the box. Player with most squares at the end wins.

    Sentence Please - Write a sentence for each spelling word.

    Colorful Words - Use two different color pens to write your spelling words. Use one color to write the consonants and the other for the vowels. Do this one more time. Close your eyes and picture the word in your mind. Now try and write the word with just one color.

    Memory Game - Make pairs of word cards. Flip them over and try to match the pairs!

    Finger Tracing - Use your finger to spell out each of your words one letter at a time on your Mom or Dad’s back. Then it’s YOUR turn to feel and spell.

    Practice Test - Take a practice test (this is especially good on Thursday night before the REAL test!)

    Scrabble - Use Scrabble tiles to spell your words.

    Sing Them Loud, Sing Them Soft - Have your Mom or Dad sing the letters of a spelling word to you in a loud voice. You echo the spelling and then sing it again softly. Now BOTH of you sing the word in the voice you choose!

    Swat Words - Write out your spelling words in big letters on a big sheet of paper. Give your parents clues "The first letter is _ and the last letter is _." See if they can "swat it" with a fly swatter!

    Stairsteps - Write words as if they are stairs, adding one letter each time. (If you are using lined paper, begin up against the left margin line. If you are using graph paper, begin on the left.)

    Spelling Puzzle: write each letter of a word on a piece of cardboard.  Then, cut the letters into puzzle pieces.  Allow your child to piece together the letters to spell each word.

    Write your spelling words on multi-colored index cards.  Have your child alphabetize them.  Punch holes in them and put them on a ring.  Now your child has their very own spelling book!

    Make a tape of the spelling words to listen to in the car!  Say the word into the recorder and then spell it slowly.  Better yet, have your child record them himself!

    Use your spelling words to write and illustrate a story.  Don't worry about all of the spelling mistakes if your child is making an effort.  Let him read it to the family.

    Have your child illustrate the spelling words!  Write each word and then draw a picture beside it to illustrate either the word or what the word means!

    Make a word search!  Use a highlighter to find the words!

    Make a crossword puzzle!  Have your child help you create riddles or sentences for the clues!

    Jump rope while spelling!

    Put the spelling words to the tune of a favorite song or write a rap!

    Throw or roll a ball back and forth with a partner.  When the person throws the ball, they saw the first letter.  The person who catches it says the next letter and so forth.

    Trace the words in wet sand or dry salt!

    Make a hopscotch board on a sidewalk using letters.  Then, have your child jump on various letters to spell the words.

    Spell words in the car on the way to school.

    Sidewalk chalk

Last Modified on May 30, 2023