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2012-2013 Adopted Budget

The School Board approved the 2012/13 budget on June 20, 2012.  The adopted budget reduces spending by $14 million and the current round of budget cuts and solutions include larger classes, a shorter school year and employee furlough days, including closure of the district office June 25 through June 29 and July 2 and 3.

General fund revenue is $142 million, down more than $11 million from 2011/12. Expenses for 2012-13 are down from $164 million in 2011/12.  In spite of the reductions, the district's 2012/13 budget includes deficit spending of ($7,896,821).  The district will use reserves to cover the deficit , leaving $1.6 million in reserves, about $2 million less than the standard three percent reserve.   State officials have allowed school districts to drop below the standard three percent reserve in recent years due to the state budget crisis, but this is the first time the district has had to do so.

While the loss of $139 million in state funding over the past five years has presented significant challenges, the district has been able to preserve jobs and keep programs in place throughout the budget crisis.  Base funding per student has dropped from $5,967 six years ago to $5,300 and it may drop to $4,912 in 2012/13.  While MVUSD is committed to maintaining fiscal stability and retaining the excellence of our programs, without significant changes in state funding, it is unlikely the district will be able to continue to meet those goals in the face of ongoing reductions.

For more information on school expenditures, spending per student, average teachers' salaries and spending for books and instructional materials, see our School Accountability Report Cards.   

Revenue SourceContribution
of Budget

Revenue Limit Sources



Federal Revenues



Other State Revenues

$ 14,544,045


Other Local Revenues

$ 13,173,108


Total Revenues



Expenditure TypeAmount
of Budget
Certificated Salaries$75,202,53750%
Classified Salaries$25,539,48117%
Employee Benefits$29,249,22419%
Books & Supplies$5,259,6873%
Services & Other Operating$14,315,14010%
Capital Outlay/Other Outgo/Financing
Total Expenditures
Last Modified on October 3, 2012