• New Vendors

    Public Works Contractors:  Please submit the CUPCCAA bid list application to PQ Bids by visiting Murrieta Valley Unified School District - PQBids.
    All Other Vendors:  To be added to our vendor list, please email the following information to Stacie Gomez.
    • W-9  IRS form, signed and dated
    • Copy of your business card
    • List of references from other school districts
    • Website url address
    • Letter of introduction with list of products and/or services your company provides
    • Order placement information:  Email/Phone#/Fax#
    • Remit to information:  Email/Phone#/Fax#

    Please note: The list of products and/or services is very important as it will be used to determine companies contacted for specific bids or quotes. If your company receives a bid packet or quotes and does not respond with a "No Quote" response, this is cause for removal from the District’s vendor list.

Last Modified on May 16, 2023