• Purchasing Questions & Answers

    I don't know the cost of shipping. What amount should I use?
    Ask your Vendor or include 20% for shipping fees to the sub-total on the Purchase Requisition.
    We can't find the vendor we want in the Galaxy system, what do we put in the Vendor box?
    Check to see if the vendor is in Galaxy under a different title. If they are not there enter "New Vendor" in the Vendor number box and Purchasing will establish a new vendor number for them. In the description area of the requisition, type the complete vendor name, address, phone and fax numbers. The vendor will be added to the system.
    I did not write down my Purchase Requisition information, how can I find it now?
    Look in Galaxy to find your purchase order.  After you have opened Galaxy select "View Purchase Requisition". From there you can search by vendor or school site to find and view your requisition.  If you need further assistance, call ext. 1081 and we will help you "Search" FileMaker for your requisition.
    I still have not received my merchandise from my PO, who should I call?
    Call your vendor directly and ask them the status of your order. If you have any problems, call ext. 1081 and we'll be glad to assist you.
    We want to buy a new computer. What company do we order from? (Top)
    Dell is our authorized vendor for computers. Contact Technology for quotes and approval before sending it to Purchasing.
    I found an item on the Internet, can I order it on-line?
    Yes, if the vendor accepts Purchase Orders. All purchases must have authorized approval prior to purchase. Always check with vendors to see if they accept Purchase Orders then process a Purchase Requisition as normal. If they do not accept Purchase Orders if you or your administrator have a Cal Card, you may use it to purchase the product as long as it is not equipment.
    There is a problem with my Office Depot shipment, who do I call?
    For assistance, call Office Depot's toll free line (1-866-660-0000) and give them your Order Number. If you are not getting a satisfactory response, please contact us immediately at ext. 1068
    I need to return something from my PO order, what do I do?
    Please contact your vendor for authorization to return the merchandise.
    Can I use the Cal Card to purchase a camera or furniture? (Top)
    Yes, if the vendor does not accept a PO and your purchase has prior approval by the Purchasing Director. Please email Nadia Zeien for authorization to purchase equipment on your Cal Card. If you did not get authorization prior to your purchase, your card can be revoked.
Last Modified on April 25, 2023