• Our yearbooks are not your average elementary school yearbook. 

    Our yearbooks are printed on-demand - we do not order bulk copies and hope they sell. Best thing ever - our yearbooks come with two free custom pages for you to add your own photos and text to, making it the perfect end-of-school-year keepsake!

    Yearbooks are $31 (reg. price)  

    Every year parents email, call or come in to see me at the end of the year asking if it's too late to buy a yearbook because their kid saw how nice our yearbooks are and want one. 
    Buy your yearbook at the beginning of the year and don't procrastinate. It's 10% off through the end of October.
    Why our yearbooks are the best around:
    • Our yearbooks are 128 pages of high-quality paper filled with lots of colorful pictures of our students at school events, around campus and in their classrooms with their friends. Plus you can upgrade to a really nice hardcover!
    • Each yearbook comes with TWO FREE Custom pages that you get to put your own photos on. You can add journaling and captions to your photos too! Get pictures of your kids starting from summer and all through the year and you'll have a keepsake scrapbook of your kid's 2020/21 school year. We even have parents who purchase extra pages and put in tons of photos and REALLY use their yearbook as a memory book. You can even design your pages with an easy-to-use web-based interface or just keep it simple and use the pre-designed page template. Adding pictures is as easy as dragging and dropping.
    • TreeRing yearbooks plant a tree for each yearbook sold. In the four years that our school has used TreeRing, we've helped to plant around 2000+ trees! 
    • This is an important one - in order to have a yearbook at the end of the school year, you MUST PRE-ORDER and purchase it online before April 22. The traditional way schools do it is that they buy yearbooks in bulk, then hope they sell them all and don't run out. The company we use digitally prints each custom yearbook so there are no wasted, unsold yearbooks. We do not order extras and hope they sell. If you want one, you have to buy it by the deadline. 
    Want to see what our yearbooks look like? We have copies of our past yearbooks in the library.  Come on in and see for yourself. 
    Here is more information for you:
    We use TreeRing Yearbooks - each yearbook has two FREE custom pages that you can fill with your very own photos and memories. Our parents and students love their yearbooks!
    You can log in at TreeRing and start uploading photos. (Don't forget to let your kids take selfies - those are fun to include on their personal pages!)
    Some ideas to include for your custom pages:
    • Let your kiddos take photos using your camera/cell phone and include some of their photography on their custom pages. You could also ask them to journal (write captions and information) about the photos they took.
    • Include a "Top 5" list of some kind - top five things they like to do, favorite shows, favorite books, etc. You know your child the best - choose a list that shows their personality and gives a glimpse into what kind of person they are at this age.
    • Include photos of your child with their friends or with their teacher
    • Have them write a short note about themselves for memory's sake and include the note (take a picture of it to show their handwriting) or type out what they wrote on your custom page.
    • Why not include a little note from you? Let your kid know how awesome you think they are and highlight some of their accomplishments! Again, you can type this out, but wouldn't it be cool to write a 'real' note and photograph it and include the photo to have a visual of your handwriting?
    • What about a family picture? Have you taken a trip or a vacation this year? Include photos of these things that document some of the events that have happened this year.
    • Include an autograph box if you have extra space that you don't know what to do with.
    Have fun with it!
    Here are some design tips for your custom page:
    • Remember, you can change the default template or even create your own layout. 
    • Zoom in on the photos to show close-ups of your kid's face.
    • Be frugal with fonts - choose two or three that complement each other and don't go too crazy or your page will look messy.
    • Same with clip art - too much will clutter your pages. 
    • Background colors - white is a good canvas that will show off your photos. If you want to use a color and have text on your page, make sure your text will show up (dark background? Use a white font color)
    Not sure if you purchased a yearbook already?
    Log in to TreeRing using the email you registered with. Click on the settings icon at the top right and scroll down to see your order history:

    • NOW MORE PAGES! 128 high-quality pages
    • Full-color
    • Two FREE custom pages in your book for you to put your own photos and memories!
    • Softcover OR Hardcover upgrade (optional)
    • TreeRing plants a tree for each book purchased!

    We have past year's yearbooks in the library if you'd like to see them. Stop in anytime!


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Last Modified on September 5, 2023