• Best High Schools badge U.S. News released the fifth edition of the Best High Schools rankings, available exclusively online. The 2016 rankings include data on nearly 22,000 public high schools from 49 states and the District of Columbia.
    Silver Medal winner Murrieta Valley High School is ranked 305th in California and 1,655 in the nation for its 25-to-1 student-teacher ratio, its students' college readiness score of 32.5 and its overall academic performance index rating of 823.

    U.S. News's comprehensive rankings methodology is based on the key principles that a great high school must serve all of its students well, not just those who are college-bound, and that it must be able to produce measurable academic outcomes to show the school is successfully educating its student body across a range of performance indicators.

    The 2016 Best High Schools rankings awards the top 6,517 public high schools with gold, silver and bronze medals, indicating their level of college readiness.A three-step process determined the Best High Schools. The first two steps ensured that the schools serve all of their students well, using performance on state proficiency tests as the benchmarks. For those schools that made it past the first two steps, a third step assessed the degree to which schools prepare students for college-level work. The top-performing high schools (gold and silver distinctions) are schools that met all three criteria. Only schools that had values above 16.3 in their college readiness index scored high enough to meet the criteria for gold and silver medal selection.

Last Modified on June 26, 2016