• Black Student Union

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    Purpose: Appreciation of Black Culture and expanding African American social network at MV and the community.

    Objective: To learn and celebrate the history, legacy, and heritage of African Americans and their contribution to American History.    

    When: TBD

    Where: Room 720, Mr. Wethers' room

    President - Izabella Nicholas

    Vice President - Taylor Anyansi

    Secrectary - Rayna Mullan

    Treasurer - Raya Mullan

    Sergeant at Arms - TBA

    Social Media Manager - Lexis Henry


    Skate Night, May 19, 2023



    BSU Fundraiser - Staff vs Students Basketball Game, May 12, 2023

    Staff vs Students Video



    Culture Rally - Black Excellence, March 6, 2023 



    Christmas Party, December 7, 2023

        Christmas lunch activity winners


    Guest speakers, October 26, 2022



    First BSU meeting, September 14, 2022. We did an icebreaker to start.



    Club Rush, August 25, 2022

    Club Rush     Club Rush

    Club Rush


    Riverside County Student Unity Conference October 29, 2019


    Keynote Speaker                                 

    Breakfast    Lunch  

    Group photo     Conference room


    Ms. Dana Rice - drice@murrieta.k12.ca.us

    Mr. Brian Wethers - bwethers@murrieta.k12.ca.us 

    Mrs. Dinora Mendoza-Montoya - dmendoza-montoya@murrieta.k12.ca.us