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    This is the index page for the science department.  From this page you should be able to navigate to resources and teacher pages.  This page will be very helpful as you travel through the science department classes.
    Science Department
    Department Head Teachers:  Mrs. Michelle Pardue (mpardue@murrieta.k12.ca.us) and Miss Michelle Côté (mcote@murrieta.k12.ca.us)


    Michelle Côté (email)                 Anatomy, Chemistry and AP Chemistry  
    Michelle Pardue (email)             AP Biology and CP Biology    
    Danielle Ennis (email)                 Chemistry and IB Sports Science  
    Doug Hemmerling  (email)          Earth Science  
    Jack Jones (email Chemistry
    Hali Holmes (email)             CP Biology and IB Physics SL/HL
    Danny Kingman (email)              CP Biology  
    Jerry Lan (email)                      Chemistry, Physics, and AP Physics
    Hesam Monazzam (email Chemistry and CP Biology
    Shane Sohail (email)                 CP Biology and Nighthawk Pride  
    Todd Tatro (email)                      Marine Biology and CP Biology  
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