• Fall 2020 start of school has brought unique challenges due to Virtual Learning setting.
    During this same time, we rolled out 7 MSJC Annex Classes for Murrieta Valley Unified students.

    We experienced some growing pains that we will fix for the future.
    Below are some of the reasons we learned why some students didn’t get into the MSJC Annex classes they requested.

     1) Student did not complete application correctly

    • Student only completed the California Community College Application.
    • Student MUST also complete MSJC Application for correct term

    To fix this issue: Students will need to send their MSJC ID to confirm they completed the application

     2) Student did not complete Online Orientation

    • Student must watch the Orientation video and answer questions correctly
    • Once completed, student will receive a “Congratulation” page acknowledging they completed the orientation successfully
    • If this process wasn’t completed student was not approved for their petition to enroll in the class by MSJC rep

    To fix this issue: Students must take a screenshot of their “Congratulations” page in order to be added to our Intent to Enroll list

     3) Student receives error of not “approved” to take the class

    • For the MSJC Annex courses, student is approved for specific section # and only that section number will work
    • The MSJC “Annex” classes would normally be housed at MVHS but since everything was virtual, there wasn’t anything to distinguish the class differently so any MSJC student could register for that class and the section filled up.
    • For MSJC Dual Enrollment ASL, student were placed into their class by MSJC rep but not until a few days before class started.

    To fix this issue: Counselor will coordinate with MSJC Rep and provided accurate list with students who have completed all the appropriate steps

    4) Amount owed did not reflect $29

    • Student signed up as a First time Freshman and not as a high school student so they were charged tuition.

    To fix this issue: Counselor will provide a tutorial to help with application process

    5) Student confused on enrollment process because MSJC application process changed due to Virtual Enrollment.

    • Due to Virtual Enrollment, MSJC made changes to their application process during the enrollment window.

    To fix this issue: Counselor will coordinate with MSJC Rep and provide accurate steps to students for enrollment and registration process.